Buying A Second Home - Worldwide

    While today's prices are lower than several years ago, the Northern Virginia area is beginning to see some price increases.  Consider this: do you want to wait and hope that prices go back to 2005 levels (not likely) or get on with enjoying life closer to family or in that special area with the lifestyle you love?

     In addition, if you're a senior, reverse mortgages for the purchase of a new home are now available.  In other words, you can take money out of your current home to buy the new one.  When your current home sells, the loan is paid off.  You are buying your future home at today's low prices and interest rates.  As prices rise, you are likely to increase your personal wealth while enjoying your preferred lifestyle!

     If you are planning a move to another part of the country or internationally, call us.  Pat is a Certified International Property Specialist and Transnational Referral Certified. Working with our Avery Hess Relocation department, we can provide a proven, highly qualified Realtor in your new location - worldwide!


Every Step of the Way Doesn't Stop ThereOnline
Even after you've purchased your home, we will continue to stay in touch from time to time! We want to continue the relationship we've established and continue to be your go-to real estate resource for years to come. As the market changes, we'll still keep you updated on increases in your home's value or changes in interest rates, smart investments, not only with strategic improvements to your current home, but in a vacation home or rental property. Ready to get started with your home search? That's great! Call or email me or simply fill out the contact form.